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PowerEdge R320
PowerEdge R420
PowerEdge R520
PowerEdge R620
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PowerEdge 1435

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Dell Rack Servers

Dell PowerEdge R320

Experience enterprise-class features in the rack-optimized 1U PowerEdge R320 server ideal for your core business applications

PowerEdge R320 GREAT FOR
Departmental web servers, smaller scale hosting and virtualization, retail servers and other remote, branch or small-to-midsize business applications.
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Dell PowerEdge R420

Get an energy-efficient, dense 1U server for your applications with the PowerEdge R420, featuring next-generation processing and flexible I/O options

PowerEdge R420 GREAT FOR
Departmental, remote-site and space-constrained environments requiring file and print, ecommerce, web hosting, HPC and small-scale virtualization.
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Dell PowerEdge R520

Deploy balanced performance with next-generation Intel processing and high-capacity internal storage for data-intensive tasks with PowerEdge R520

PowerEdge R520 GREAT FOR
Core business applications, such as email and workgroup collaboration as well as mid-size databases and virtualized environments.
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DELL PowerEdge R620

Concentrated computing power in a 2S/1U form factor

PowerEdge R620 GREAT FOR
Dense virtualization, high-performance computing (HPC) and web hosting
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DELL PowerEdge R720

Next-generation power and flexibility in a 2S/2U rack server

PowerEdge R720 GREAT FOR
Virtualization, databases, decision support, e-commerce, and collaboration workloads for midsize and large enterprises.
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Dell PowerEdge R720XD

Outstanding storage capacity in a 2-socket 2U rack server

PowerEdge R720XD GREAT FOR
Large email deployments, Hadoop distributed computing, large-scale databases, medical imaging and other data-intensive tasks.
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DELL PowerEdge R820

Outstanding power and density for mission-critical workloads

PowerEdge R820 GREAT FOR
Dense virtualization, scalable database applications and other compute-intensive, mission-critical workloads for midsize and large enterprises.
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