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Dell PowerVault NX1950

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Overview Tech Specs    
The Nexus of Network-Attached Storage The Nexus of Network-Attached Storage

The Dell PowerVault NX1950 is a unified network storage system that delivers versatility and expandability in an exceptionality intuitive and simple interface. The NX1950 provides the ultimate in flexibility with;
  • Modular expansion up to 45 drives
  • Support for multiple drive types (SAS and SATA) within a single enclosure
  • Optional 10GB Ethernet for performance conscious environments
  • Integrated or gateway deployment options and
  • The ease of deploying high availability solution.
The PowerVault NX1950 is an easy to use system with versatility and flexibly that makes Dell uniquely capable of delivering a tailored solution to match your specific business need.

Unified and Integrated Unified and Integrated

Its modular design and unified management delivers simplicity, which streamlines system set up and ongoing management. A comprehensive suite of advanced software capabilities comes bundled with the system, including point-in-time snapshots, remote replication, storage resource-management, and multi-node clustering.

The DellTM  PowerVaultTM  NX1950 is a unified network storage solution that simultaneously stores both file and application data while supporting a wide range of operating environments and communication protocols, including the new iSCSI standard. The PowerVault NX1950 is deployed as an integrated solution packaged with a Dell PowerVault MD3000 modular disk subsystem or as a gateway connecting directly to existing Dell/EMC SAN. The PowerVault NX1950 can be configured individually or in a dual-node cluster for environments that require high availability.

Easy to Deploy. Easy to Operate. Easy to Manage Easy to Deploy. Easy to Operate. Easy to Manage

The pre-integrated components, pre-installed software stack, pre-configured network protocols, readily available management tools, and other essential services help reduce overall deployment time.

The PowerVault NX1950 unified network storage solution offers both file and application management functions through a "single pane of glass" administrative console.

The management console contains a series of automated setup tools, including an installation wizard which helps streamline the system setup and a volume/share wizard that logically links tasks in a series of steps to help simplify storage provisioning.

Expandable and Highly Available Expandable and Highly Available

The PowerVault NX1950 integrated solution expand seamlessly to support up to 45 drives using PowerVault MD1000 expansion modules or leverage your existing SAN arrays with the NAS gateway option. With support for both SAS and SATA in a single enclosure, organizations can optimising there IT environment by storing data on different drive technologies without adding unnecessary hardware. They can choose to store application data on SAS drives delivering the performance needed and store snapshots on SATA drives where capacity is the key criteria. Deploying a highly available storage architecture is a easy as clustering two NX1950 heads. The PowerVault NX1950 grows with you and supports growing data availability requirements.

Optimal Performance and Interoperability Optimal Performance and Interoperability

As a midrange NAS solution, the PowerVault NX1950 has been optimised to deliver outstanding performance. In Linux, UNIX, and Mac environments, the PowerVault NX1950 integrates seamlessly with key NFS capabilities, including identity management, file permission mapping and symbolic links. In Windows environments, Dells PowerVault NAS solution offers exceptional integration with Active Directory, NTFS permissions, and other core functions familiar to administrators. The PowerVault NX1950 is fully compatible with a third-party Windows-based anti-virus and backup applications that can be installed directly on the system. And now with optional 10GB Ethernet organizations can support a greater number of users accessing larger files (link videos) without impacting the user experience.

Protect Your Business Assets Protect Your Business Assets

With Dell, you can feel sure that your IT budgets are being protected in the way thats right for your business. Choose the level of service and support that suits your needs and take advantage of Dells On-Site Service1 and Software Support for up to three years. You can also benefit from Dells comprehensive IT service offerings like storage training, server consolidation and backup and recovery.

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