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Dell PowerEdge SC 1435 Servers

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PowerEdge SC1435 PowerEdge SC1435 Leading Price/Performance and Performance/Watt

  Now you can expand your data centre without having to expand the server room. The latest AMD OpteronTM  processors and DDR-2 memory work together to provide excellent performance. Discover a seamless upgrade path to quad-core performance and leading-edge solutions to help solve your most complex computational problems. When used with quad-core processors, AMD Dual Dynamic Power Management is designed to improve performance and reduce power consumption; Dell was the first Tier 1 server vendor to introduce this feature in a server.


PowerEdge SC1435 PowerEdge SC1435     AMD Processor

  Dell is a leader in performance cluster servers with the PowerEdge SC1435 powered by AMD OpteronTM  Processor. Take advantage of new features like AMD Dual Dynamic Power Management, AMD VirtualisationTM  (AMD-VTM ), and energy-efficient DDR-2 memory technologies introduced in these latest AMD OpteronTM  processors. AMD64 technology runs the existing installed base of 32-bit applications and operating systems at peak performance, while providing a 64-bit capable migration path. Plus, AMD's Direct Connect Architecture helps reduce memory and I/O bottlenecks.


PowerEdge SC1435 PowerEdge SC1435 Business Relevant Technology

  Dell is a proven leader in the high performance cluster server market with the solutions, knowledge and experience to solve your complex computational problems. The PowerEdge SC1435 is a tested and validated building block of Dell's HPCC solution. Dell's comprehensive HPCC services help manage the lifecycle requirements of high-performance capacity computing and web serving customers.

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