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Blade Servers
PowerEdge M600
PowerEdge M605
PowerEdge M610
PowerEdge M620
PowerEdge M710
PowerEdge M805
PowerEdge M905
PowerEdge M1000e

Rack Servers
PowerEdge 2970
PowerEdge R900
PowerEdge R905
PowerEdge R815
PowerEdge R805
PowerEdge R720xd
PowerEdge R720
PowerEdge R710
PowerEdge R620
PowerEdge R610
PowerEdge R410
PowerEdge R300
PowerEdge R200

Performance Tower Servers
PowerEdge 2900
PowerEdge 840
PowerEdge T620
PowerEdge T610
PowerEdge T605
PowerEdge T410
PowerEdge T300
PowerEdge T105
PowerEdge T100

PowerEdge Cloud Servers
PowerEdge C6220

PowerEdge SC Servers
PowerEdge 1435

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Dell PowerEdge Cloud Servers

PowerEdge C6220 Servers

Up to four 2-socket servers, 2, 4, 6, or 8 cores per Intel Xeon E5-2600 processor

PowerEdge C6220 The PowerEdge C6220 server is part of Dells hyperscale-inspired PowerEdge C server line designed to bring the most compute power in the least amount of space with the least energy draw to lower operational costs. They are purpose-built servers designed for high performance computing, Web 2.0, hosting, data analytics, and cloud building. They are best for rack deployments, large homogenous cluster/cloud application environments where the software stack provides primary platform availability and resiliency. The PowerEdge C server line does not come with features you dont need in a scale-out environment like comprehensive systems management, or broad enterprise storage. Product detailsProduct details

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